26 May 2006

Exostra (interactive installation)

The project is an attempt to find an artistic use to the web video conference program.
The viewers at the two different  locations can influence the online „broadcasted” picture of them with their physical presence and activity. The Exostra project is an innovative cooperation between experts from different fields; it is based on the work of artists, programmers and engineers.

Nowadays people can make video conferences at different points of the world with the help of technology. A group of Hungarian artists called Vizuális Művek came up with the idea to create a way to make people feel each other through a brand new video-conference system. The Intelligent Space concept was used as the technological background.

Programing by Péter Szemes, Grégory Audureau, Béla Takarics, Péter Korondi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Concept: Kirisztian Zana, Géza Szöllősi, Balázs Szabó, Gábor Thébesz, Kristóf Murányi