01 January 2007

Exhibition in Körzőgyár

First big show....
"While the Körzôgyár may not be as elegant as the MUMOK, it certainly has a more interesting history. Its name means "Compass Factory," which indeed it was - a production center for drawing instruments, as a separate department of the Béla Szénásy Paper Department Store and Paper Goods Plant, established in 1903. Sándor Szy and Iván András Bojár (editor-in-chief of architecture and design journal Octogon, and Octogon Gallerist) are partners in this new location for contemporary exhibitions, related events and studio space, which opened just a few months ago. And so it seems more than fitting that one of Szöllôsi's newest works is on display in this former factory of measuring instruments: the "Betelgeuse" board/device for measuring women that he designed for the just-completed film by János Szász, Opium - Diary of a Madwoman, based on the writings of Géza Csáth (1887-1919). ..."
Adele Eisenstein, The Budapest Sun/Style, 2007/2