17 September 2007


C2C Gallery Prague
As the title of this exhibition, borrowed from the writings of Michel Foucault, suggests, the main theme of this exhibition is a relation between the body and power. Foucauldian term does not refer to the restrictive power, domineering and executed from above or from any fixed focus. „The Power is everywhere; which does not mean it envelopes everything but that it stems out of everything,“ states Foucault in his first volume of History of Sexuality. Here can be also found the definition of biopower as „an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations“. Biopower is immanent, as if dispersed in human society. It functions through disciplining and control of the social body by means of systems of administrative and economical control, a wide range of institutions (schools, army, hospitals, prisons, etc.) and discourses (law, religions, sociology, medicine, sexology, psychiatry, demography and others).
The BIO-POWER exhibition reflects on various themes derived from Foucault’s History of Sexuality for instance the medical discourse surrounding the body of a female hysteric (Anna Baumgart), or the mapping out of the various forms of desire that do not conform to the heterosexual norm (Jana Štěpánová). The body is shown as subjected to fetishist desire (Géza Szöllősi), ...
Zuzana Štefková