21 March 2012

On the cover!

(Hungarian) Flash Art, New Deities: Joseph’s libido

In his approach, Geza Szöllsői’s ’prayer mats’ are closest to his series, ’Suzuka and her friends’ . He reuses photo-based pictures, founded on the internet, and transforms them into new works. He makes samples just like Andy Warhol did with the newspaper cuts and  silkscreen – or we could say, as Warhol would most likely do today, using the technological opportunities of the 21st century.
Szollosi digitalizes and redraws the images, places them in a new context, and, finally, puts the pictures made from his own scene set, sometimes in a heraldic way, on an altar.
In the structure of the ’carpet prints’, all the small details and figures appear to be used as secondary elements. At first sight it might seem that the only common feature is the mighty colour and figure orgy. The organizer concept of the ’pictorial poets’ is apparently random, but even the smallest piece is placed with intention. The similarity to the Rotschenko poster is also intended, as is how he organises the characters while using profane and sacral symbols. Our own chaotic world looks back from each and every artwork to us.
Complicated coherences, dimly foreshadowed connection systems, members of secret societies, all are woven in to the deep secrets of the canvas  building up an unfathomable symbol systems. Late politicians, dictators, pop and cartoon icons, still alive but soon becoming key people of history, sexist symbols, sado-masochistic masks, and those who are adored in secret, because they are not accepted by society and those who are glorified in public because this is the expectation.
There is no mention of plagiarism. Is it the provocation of the bourgeois? Confrontation? Reflection? Perhaps! Or, the deep reality hiding under the surface of the reality or just fantasy?
This is what everyone has to decide by themselves.
„This project is my way of dealing with an infantile spiritual questing in today’s life, where there are no religions, traditions and rules. What is left is global, atheist pop-culture. That is why I wish to rebuild an existing/non-existing religion, starting with a single prayer mat or other religious objects as I already start preparing for a new faith. We wander around like children, collecting different elements and objects from our world and start to play with them in an attempt to build up our own reality. The defeat seems inevitable. But this is exactly why we are doing more and more to lift ourselves.”