05 March 2012

New Deities - Exhibition in Nextart Gallery /H/

Géza Szöllősi‘s New Deities exhibition opened to a full house. Fans of the artist and gallery regulars packed NextArt Galéria last week to take in first hand some psychotic imagery, a pictorial to the diary of a madman. And let me tell you, the works of art are impressive mash-ups; detailed to the hilt, vivid colours, stories over-saturated with images. You just jump from one detail to the next and in the process you’re drawn deeper into a world of chaotic comicbook madness. The detailed prints articulate a caricature of ideology, an interpretation of modern history, atheism, a critique of the perversions both of consumer society and global politics all framed in conspiracy paranoia, and ironically the medium of choice is the prayer mat. The titles of the works are mysterious allusions to secret societes, covert operations, pop culture: my personal favorite: Pinay Cercle. If Szöllősi would ever think of selling out, he should be silk screen these graphics onto t-shirts. Guaranteed to be an overnight success. You can check out the exhibition is until March 31st. I highly recommend it.