01 March 2012

Stuff My Head With Religion!

Szöllősi Géza’s New Deities
Departing from his Victor Frankenstein fusion of fur and flesh, Szöllősi Géza in his exhibition New Deities applies his polymorphic amalgamating talents to the concept of religion. Building on his past computer generated pattern pieces which are half Hermes, half Gilbert and George, he uses the Eastern Thangka form to present a colorful series of interpretations of  new deities or parables.  Using B-movie images, Side Show characters, politicians, and pop icons, Szöllősi creates colorful tableaus pairing Hugo Chavez with lemurs and Star Wars Stormtroopers with Sealboy.  Of course for those that prefer a more retro feel, there are a few of Söllősi’s earlier taxidermied cow heads to round out the show.Budapesthurts.Com Bullet Shih